The Clubhouse is available to use to all homeowners who are in good standing. Your HOA Membership permits you to reserve the clubhouse for two time slots every calendar year. The clubhouse is available for reservations every day of the year, during the following 4-hour time slots:

10:00am – 2:00pm

2:00pm – 6:00pm

6:00pm – 10:00pm


There is no charge for clubhouse reservations. However, a deposit check in the amount of $100 must be submitted to the Resident Manager. The check will not be cashed, provided that the clubhouse is clean and free of damage after use. Just leave it the way you found it!

Refer to  The Board of Directors Rules and Policies  for more information about deposits.

Clubhouse reservations include the exclusive use of the interior floor space, the kitchen, and the back patio area (including the picnic tables and grill.) Reservations do not include exclusive use of the pool area or restrooms. Homeowners who reserve the clubhouse, may use the pool, but must share the pool with other homeowners. In accordance with HOA policy, no more than 12 guests are allowed to use the pool.


The homeowner who reserves the clubhouse must be physically present at the clubhouse throughout the reservation period.


The use of the clubhouse, or any other common area for any kind of commercial event is strictly prohibited.


This is just a summary of the rules for clubhouse reservations. More details are to available here:

The Board of Directors Rules and Policies (page 4)

Clubhouse Information

  • The central floor area of the clubhouse measures

    32 feet, 10 inches  x 19 feet, 7 inches

    (approx. 640 square feet)

  • The following equipment is available for use:

    • 40 folding chairs

    • 8 folding tables

      • Four 6′ x 2.5′

      • Four 5′ x 2.5″

    • 1 wood table (4′ diameter)

    • 3 wood chairs

    • 2 side tables (3′ x 1″)

    • 2 outdoor picnic benches (6′ x 2′)

    • 1 outdoor in-ground charcoal grill 

Kitchen Equipment

  • 1 Full-size refrigerator

  • 1 electric range/stove

  • 1 microwave

  • 1 kitchen sink

Clubhouse Rules

  • The Covenants prohibit use of the facility for commercial purposes.
  • The outdoor trash cans at the clubhouse are for homeowners cannot be used for trash generated from the 
  • Clubhouse to be used at designated reservation times only. No early entry or late cleanup is allowed. Please make sure to allow enough time to setup before your guests arrive.
  • A Homeowner must be present at all times during the reservation.
  • Bartow Co. Health Dept. requires that the gate to the pools remains shut at all times. No gates may be propped open. Failure to comply with this mandate may result in the pool being closed by the Health Dept. 
  • Please follow all rules posted at the facility.
  • You will receive a checklist when you receive the clubhouse key. Please do a pre-use inspection and note any problems or discrepancies on the check-in sheet. Before you leave, make sure you have completed all of the items on the checklist, and mark off each item on the checklist.
  • When you are done, lock the door to the clubhouse. Put the key and the completed checklist in the locked mailbox at the clubhouse. The mailbox is to the right of the front exterior doors.

To make a reservation, contact the Resident Manager at:

(678) 848-5511